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Brass Fire Band

Style: Pop Hits, Classic Blues, Jazz, Rock
Description: Brass Fire is a nine-piece band from Northeast Oregon with a unique sound and an extensive repertroire. Classic blues, jass, rock and pop are presented with a studio sound. The blend of vocals with wind and string instruments is reminiscent of Blood, Sweat and Tears, Chicago, and Earth, Wind and Fire

Imperial Twang

Style: Rockin’ country originals
Original music: Originals 
Members: Jef Farley guitar and vocals, Shaner Applegate guitar and vocals, Jim White drums and vocals, Brian Baird bass.
Description: Alternative Country Rock sounds for the music elite!
Check out their facebook page here.

James Dean Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys

Style: Sock-hop
Original music: Originals and covers.
Members: James Dean Kindle, Brian Baird, Adam Mack, Peter Walters
Description: While traveling in search of a new population to save, James Dean Kindle stumbled upon a band of paupers playing for rats in an alley behind the Rainbow in Pendleton, Oregon. Their clothes in tatters and their bellies lean, The Eastern Oregon Playboys couldn't refuse Kindle's offer: "Play as my band and I will grant you three wishes..."

Whisky For Breakfast

Style: Bluegrass, Traditional/Old Time Americana
Members: Emily Muller-Cary, Andy Cary, Alan Feves, Steve Muller, Dan Emert and Peter Willis
Description: The foundation of this band is the duo of Emily Muller-Cary and Andy Cary. With blazing instrumentals and spine chilling three and four part harmony, if you like bluegrass you are going to love this band!
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