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Scope of Services

Maintenance and Adjustment-

Much like a car needs oil changes and tune-ups, your musical instrument needs regular maintenance such as cleaning, minor mechanical work, pad replacement, key work lubrication and adjustment... We keep your horn in premium playing condition, allowing you to focus on your music, not your instrument.

Custom-work and Modification-

Sometimes an instrument requires modifications above and beyond the scope of the manufacturer. A player may have special needs their instrument falls short of satisfying.

We can perform many modifications to an instrument to help make playing easier. Adding a high ‘F’ assembly to an old Conn Saxophone, adjusting the register vent of an R13 ‘A’ clarinet, lengthening or shortening keywork to fit your hands, fitting a custom headjoint to your flute, or adding opposing slides to a vintage trumpet. Whatever your specific need, Aaron has solved it before or will find a way to.


It is common knowledge that many vintage instruments possess a tone quality that modern horns just can’t recreate. Despite their tendency toward awkward mechanics and poor intonation, these classic instruments can be brought up to nearly modern convention, and therefore made to play with the ease you would expect in a newer instrument.

When Pendleton Music Company does a complete overhaul, the instrument is returned playing, likely, better than it was new, retaining the tone of an instrument that’s been vibrating for decades, but more mechanically perfect with tuning issues resolved, parts upgraded or replaced, bodies straightened, tone holes leveled, and awkward keywork modified. The result is an instrument which can be played as effortlessly and in tune as a new instrument while preserving the warmth and vibrance of it’s vintage.

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